A Journey to Self Discovery through Transformation at the Consciousness Level

It is said that we teach what we need to learn the most and I would gladly admit this to be the case. My journey with the 2 point method has changed my life so much for the better. I was able to initially become aware of so many limiting patterns in my life on all levels and with the ongoing application of the tool I transformed those limiting patterns. My life changed from being fearful about the future, relationships and my contribution to this planet into a life that I feel I co-create, love and enjoy. I make decisions based on intuition now and feel certain about my current 'space' and the future.

The two-point method is a simple way to re-establish the flow of blocked energy. Physical and emotional problems, restricting beliefs or limited personal development are just blocked energy fields from a quantum physical point of view. During treatment, your energy field is stimulated into a deep-reaching transformation process to release blocked energies and bring you back on target for your true destiny. The two-point method has its roots in the Hawaiian tradition of Kahi, the magic touch. The simultaneous connection of two points in a person’s body or energy field characterizes this method.

Today the 2-point method is found under many terms: quantum work, quantum healing, matrix energetics, quantum entrainment etc. All of these terms work relate to the same principle: the synchronization or connection of two points. In doing so, the transformation of energy blockages is initiated through a connection to a level of pure consciousness. This method is not new, but was rediscovered—i.e. it has been used for centuries under the name KAHI by Hawaiian shamans, called Kahunas. KAHI means “oneness” and is described as a “magic touch”.

This method has become popular by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Dr. Frank Kinslow. Both were originally chiropractors in the USA and came in contact with the 2-point method independently from one another in their work. 

I have learned that part of my workshop from Andrew Blake and have since then  incorporated work and ideas from Bob Proctor's Born Rich, Rupert Sheldrakes ideas about morphic fields and many personal experiences. 

2 points - One Smile  re-establishes the flow of blocked energies and helps with:

  • Physical challenges, chronic or acute
  • Psychological issues, conflicts, stress, problems with learning, etc.
  • Questions of life such as problems in relationships, money troubles, disorientation,
  • Weight problems, nicotine dependency etc.

The fields of application of the two-point method are unlimited. Remote treatment is also possible.

Recently uncovered (or re-discovered) principles of quantum physics have ignited a large and growing body of information, and Youtube is a goldmine of information.

Starting here: http://youtu.be/t-EE-QBs85g  , then looking up what grabs your interest will lead you deeper into what current thinking is telling us about time, space, consciousness, matter, energy, and the very nature of reality. Guys like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Amit Goswami, Greg Braden, and many of the others in the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know”, TO NAME ONLY A FEW, are telling us some new and very cool stuff about consciousness. There's a mountain of mind boggling new science out there, picking into the fabric of our perceived reality.

While not a set-in-stone requirement, becoming acquainted with some of this new information can put you in a better place to understand the mechanics of the 2 point. It's also perfectly ok to learn the tool without knowing any of the underlying quantum physics - it still works! 

So what is 2 points One Smile?

A tool for accessing the (zero point) field, the matrix, the insert-other-term-here, in order to facilitate a desired outcome and facilitating changes on the consciousness or Love and Light level. It’s a way to play with this new information, interactively!

How is it done? Well, that's what the workshop is for!!

“Once you learn to catch the wave of the 2 point method, it can become whatever you let it” 

As quantum physics implies, we live in a universe made of consciousness and light, where what we think of as 'real' can shift as quickly as our minds let it. Catrin takes you on a freewheeling, playful and possibility-expanding journey that will question your preconceptions about the seemingly 'solid' universe we live in—and how unlimited your potential to change it truly is.

If you are ready to embrace a reality where anything goes, miracles happen, and nothing is beyond your reach, then you are ready for the 2 points - One Smile experience.