After watching the TED talk about our heart and brain and how it effects us as well as others and the earth I wondered: what does it mean to me personally?

I always suspected but now know that everything in this universe is energy and that this energy has different forms of density and travels in wave form. For e.g. a chair is energy. We have given it the name chair and its meaning ( me sitting on it) but from a quantum physic point of view the chair is energy. I can observe it and feel it and touch it. Then there is the energy that is being emitted from my heart. I can't see it, yet now there are machines that can measure and show us that ( Heart Math Institute) today and I have fully believed it before that anyway. Two forms of energy and there are many more. Again what does that mean to me? Well this energy that travels in wave forms is everywhere and is overlapping, integrating, overriding. One energy field connects with another and so on. My personal energy field connects with that of other people but also plants, rivers, animals, chairs! When two things come together there is some form of communication happening. Often unspoken. Can you remember being in a room and someone enters and all of a sudden you either feel intimidated, upset, anxious or angry or uplifted, inspired , energetic. And all this without any words spoken? When we become more tuned into energy fields that is what we notice. Some of us are consciously aware of it and others aren't. 

So far so good. I now learned that thoughts are energy as well Obviously energy in a different form to a chair but energy nevertheless. Those thoughts have their own energyfields too, like us and when we 'think' them we can have similar experiences to what I described before about someone entering a room. Some thoughts make us upset, unhappy, angry, depressed etc and some are making us feel awesome, beautiful,energetic and generous. This now does affect all our cells in our body. We don't just think a negative thought ( one that has this effect on us) and the energy field that is being emitted from this thought is not just isolated in our arm or foot or head. It is interconnecting with All of our body and again some form of communication is happening. You can paint your own picture about the form of communication that results from a fearful thought and that of an encouraging thought.

Wouldn't it make sense , now that I know this, that I deliberately choose what kind of thought I allow to enter my 'system' ? It is only logical that I would choose uplifting, empowering and positive thoughts to get access to my most valuable assett ( my body/health). 

And yet! Most of us are not doing that ? And if we are not 100% of the time. Why is that I ask myself often. 

I am not claiming to have all the answers but I have been pondering about this topic for a long time. 

Every time I choose to 2 point ( this is a tool I am using to access the positive spectrum of thoughts and realities) I feel at peace, relaxed, confident and all that goes with it. I also notice that I make much better decisions when I am in that place and follow my inner guidance system ( intuition) for inspired action. Things seem to flow in that place.

So hence I decided to keep a better watch on what I allow to enter my mind, and if you read the previous hence ultimately your whole body, as it has such a ripple effect on my health and wellbeing. It is not just about good food and excercise ( they are part of wellbeing) it is very much about : what do I read? How does it make me feel? Do I feel inspired and want to take action or am I feeling small and insignificant and won't do anything? What conversations do I engage in? Do I feel connected with the other person? Do I feel energized when speaking to them? Or do I find myself gossipping and dramatizing? Who are my friends? Do I share a smile with a stranger on the bus? Am I being helpful ? Can I be the best I can be today? 

It all starts with the way we think as that thought has an energy field that effects myself , my body and others around me, including animals and plants and our living environment.

Now that you know this what choice are you making? Once you start it you may find it incredibly 'hard' to control your thoughts every minute. That is not what we want. use your inner guidance system to change the way you think - feel - talk - act. Does this thought make me feel good? Does it feel light ? Then that's the way to go. With time and effort you will notice a significant difference to everything. Your health, your relationships, your business, your energy levels and then you are rippling out that NEW energy to all around you.

Isn't this a really uplifting idea? And it can all start by you making the decision right here and now. I will send you a BIG SMILE for encouragement.


Love and Light to you