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‘’Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom’’ - Aristotle.

Understanding who we 'really' are is something most people have not even begun to think of.

Yet Aristotle says that it’s the beginning of wisdom. Even after a couple thousand years his words seem to ring truer than ever. The world keeps getting more complicated by the minute. Technology, the news, the internet, the opinions of people and so forth. We get so preoccupied trying to make sense of it all we fail to understand who we are. Or rather I used to.


The 2 Point Method is a unique transformation system based on laws of quantum physics, heart based intentions and through the eyes of science and tapping into the power of the field of consciousness.

The « 2 Point Method » is a practical application of quantum physics in that all reality may be described as energy and vibration because everything is   « light and information ».

In addition, everything is connected to everything, the communication is therefore always and immediately omnipresent and we can thus access the informational field. The method acts by simultaneous connection of two points applied to the body and/or the energy field with an approach of intent and consciousness. Note that « the intention is a desire without attachment to results ».

The Two-Point Method allows you to connect with the blueprint of your energetic body. The basis of the Two-Point Method is focusing on a specific intention that flows from the energy of the heart. All related changes are made at the quantum level.


The Two-Point Method applies to every aspect of life and consists in touching two points on the body or the energy field of the body, the first of which refers to as the blockade energy and the second being the solution point. A focused thought from the level of the heart and expressing the right intentions, can come into resonance with the best solution-point.

The Two-Point Method can be used on yourself, other people – adults and children; also on animals, plants and even objects. The Two-Point method is suitable for everyone. It is easy to learn and  to be integrated in your daily life.

Our point of view, our prejudices, our judgments, our convictions and our beliefs create our reality. ( Those have been created mostly when we were children). In the universe the intention is the cause of all creation. (intent = desire without attachment to outcome)

The outside world (other people, situations…) is just a mirror that reflects our personal vibration. In the universe all things are interconnected (entanglement) The nature of the universe is holographic. All information therefore is present everywhere.

During 2pointsonesmile, we are given an opportunity to let go of all that we have perceived so far to allow for unknown solutions to come through.

Here we are shifting our consciousness and stepping into an infinite potential. For this, we need to get out of our head field and move into heart field. Starting by not judging anything. Not the client, not the issue. Just Noticing whatever is. And this shifts everything transforming blockages and integrating all resources in that energy field.

I was once there, I must admit ‘’In the matrix’’ so to speak. It can be frustrating. A lot of it however can be rooted back to a moment in your childhood. Moments that influenced you immensely while young that made you who you think you are. Some were good, we all experience some joy in our childhood. Others well... not so much.

And that is not all. YOU are so much more than flesh and blood. Who YOU really are is divine creation. I know that might sound 'too much' when you hear it first. I have come to completely trust that this is the truth.

When we re-connect with our true Self, that part of us that is divine and align our lives with that part our lives change. Sometimes dramatically. Always for the 'better'. We connect with 2 pointing to our what I call 'blueprint of life'. That essence we all have access to .

2pointing is a journey towards true self understanding and wisdom. Originally a Hawaiian Shamanic ritual started over 2000 years ago. This method has been the catalyst towards the change I have seen in my life. That’s why I have dedicated my time and effort to teach those that want their lives truly changed. Living a life that is connected to our purpose and mission will have ripple effects on everything ( relationships, finances, health, job and business) because everything is interconnected. Quantum physics, an understanding of how our mind works and my personal experiences in my many  worldwide workshops compliment this experience.

2pointing helped me with all that and got me to where I am. In a way my whole life led up to the this for me to teach those how to get what the want MOST in life.

So, click here and join the journey if you resonate. You will 'know' if this is meant for you. Or book a free 15 min call to tell me about your needs and we can discuss if I can help you.

You can only truly know how capable you are if you try.

Join me in this beautiful journey towards self-knowledge and  real happiness.

About 2 point with Catrin