Are you truly seeking change? 

I assume you will receive many emails these days telling you about new discoveries, new tools, new and successful ways of getting a better life (whatever that means to you). I understand.

That is one of the reasons that I offer the tool I work with (2 pointing-2pointsonesmile), I would like for people to look at it in their own time, play with it and see if it resonates. No strings attached.

I think that in this time of technology and immediate gratification we are 'trained' to expect things changing in an instant. The focus seems to be a lot on how to get ahead of the game, better than the rest, faster than the others which is in my opinion still the old paradigm. I think that any tool/method or application that does support us in creating an empty space so we can breath and relax and heal is wonderful. It does not really matter which one you choose. The key is to use it once you have chosen it and apply it. When things don't change immediately we tend to go for the next best thing instead of sticking with it for a while. 

That is what the programs I am offering are all about. Focusing on the one method, applying it, experimenting and learning. TOGETHER, as a group. Supporting each other on the way. Staying in contact mentally and intentionally. Because it is so much more fun. And that I think is what we all could have a little more of: FUN.

So please accept this as an invitation and you are more than welcome to say No (because you are working with something else right now, or you don't feel called, or you simply don't feel it is the right time or place. I honestly totally get it. It is a great awareness to have and to be able to say no takes courage). 

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I send you Love and Light and Joyful Smiles

Change your Mind Change your Life

My name is Catrin and I teach a powerful system for transformation for people who are fed up with their repetitive patterns of behaviour that ‘hurt’ them in some area of their lives (relationship, finances, health). In my online courses I teach an easy-to-learn process that guides them to clarity, confidence and courage to discover the best version of themselves and their lives.

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This course is designed to explain and offer you step by step guidelines or wave by wave 'application' on what this method is and how to apply the ancient 2 point method in your daily lives. I explain, offer examples and guide you .

What is the solution?

  • 2 Points, One Smile can help you find inner strength and work to break long-term patterns
  • It involves step-by-step instruction, and wave-by-wave guidance by someone who is experienced with the process
  • The method is derived from ancient Hawai’ian shamanic practices and is over 2000 years old
  • The 2 points process results in a lasting transformation, helping you to find your best self

What are the benefits?

People have described the process as having found Inner Freedom. It can help you to:

  • Become conscious of your own patterns and release those which do not serve you
  • Create a new inner environment for love and light
  • Live as the self-confident and empowered version of yourself
  • Make clear decisions for yourself and your health
  • Create an external environment which matches your new inner strength
  • Live authentically with confidence, freedom, and peace of mind
  • Find ways to improve your well-being

Catrin Jacksties