From Fear to Freedom online course

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel the presence of great potential inside you, but it just feels ... blocked?

And no matter what you do, nothing seems to unblock you? Are you ready to find out what has been blocking you, the story why that is so, and how you can fully, completely, and permanently release those blocks?

Hi, I am Catrin. I am a trainer, a speaker, an author a dreamer and  I've been exactly where you are now. Millions of people have. Probably more. Yet only a small fraction end up experiencing The Big Breakthroughs and taking the Quantum Leaps I know you want.

You may have tried many books, courses and workshops. You still have not yet found your ‘way to Rome’ as I like to say.

So you're still blocked. Still frustrated. Still confused about why you’re not getting what you want. Still not living a life that's as fun, easy, rich and fulfilling as you hunger for (deep down).

It’s not your fault! Maybe the answers you've been given, and even the questions you've been asking, just haven't gone deep enough into The Truth of things to open a doorway into what you want most?

What if I told you there's a radically different path you can travel to finally unblock yourself and start living a life you totally love?

Free course 2 points one smile

Clarity - Courage and Confidence 

Reset your inner autopilot and learn to trust yourself

I teach a powerful system for transformation for people who are fed up with their repetitive patterns of behaviour that ‘hurt’ them in some area of their lives ( relationship, finances, health). In my online courses I teach them an easy-to-learn process that guides them to clarity , confidence and courage to discover the best version of themselves and their lives.

This course is designed to explain and offer you step by step guidelines or wave by wave 'application'  on what this method is and how to apply the ancient 2 point method in your daily lives. I explain, offer examples and guide you .


What is the solution?

  • 2 Points, One Smile can help you find inner strength and work to break long-term patterns
  • It involves step-by-step instruction, and wave-by-wave guidance by someone who is experienced with the process
  • The method is derived from ancient Hawai’ian shamanic practices and is over 2000 years old
  • The 2 points process results in a lasting transformation, helping you to find your best self

What are the benefits?

People have described the process as having found "Paradise Island". It can help you to:

  • Become conscious of your own patterns and release those which do not serve you
  • Create a new inner environment for love and light
  • Live as the self-confident and empowered version of yourself
  • Make clear decisions for yourself and your health
  • Create an external environment which matches your new inner strength
  • Live authentically with confidence, freedom, and peace of mind
  • Find ways to improve your well-being

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This is a do it yourself course. If you would like extra support from me or join a group online coaching experience send me a message: