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Hi, my name is Catrin

A little about myself before I tell you about 2pointing.

As a child growing up in Northern Germany, Catrin believed that her 'relationship' with her parents was normal and the same as in all other families. Weren't all children physically abused by their fathers? Weren't all wives and mothers beaten by their spouses? Not until she became an angry teen, one who protected her school friends from bullying, with a fierce uncontrollable rage, did she believe that was simply the way life is. As she grew into an accomplished sportswoman and an efficient, hardworking adult did she question whether her insistence on working endless extra hours to please teammates and appease bosses wasn't a little different to what others were doing. A little over the top? Following a move to New Zealand with her then husband and the birth of three wonderful children, she discovered that others had experienced similar childhoods … and there was a solution. Help was at hand. Catrin found an answer to the thought that had plagued her all her life: there had to be something else! Her book is the true story of the journey from fear to freedom and a life that not only enabled her to control her own self-sabotaging behaviour but also to facilitate change in others.

The Journey that led to 2pointing.

The Journey that I want to share with you.

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