About Catrin

"I'm a facilitator specializing in guiding individuals on their Inner Harmony Path, helping them embark on journeys of self-discovery, find balance, and embrace new beginnings for a more joyful life." 

Hi, my name is Catrin Jacksties.

I am a loving mother of 3 grown children , the beach and forest are my happy place, cats are my teachers and dolphins inspire me to BE in joy. I work as an intuitive mentor, speaker, consciousness teacher and trainer of the 2 point method.

After growing up with domestic violence and abuse I started looking for a place and a life that is ‘Something else’. When I realized that I carried those limiting family patterns into my own family I knew I had to leave and do something so my children would not experience the same.

Living in a foreign country with no family or friends my main focus was on my 3 children and on working on my Self. Many workshops, methods and books later I found the 2 point method and have never looked back ever since.

I did not only find a method that transformed my fear, my guilt and shame but also the family patterns of my past. I also found joy, deep connection, confidence and clarity. And on top of that : I found my calling!

Teaching the method or ‘way of life’ has been my joy ever since. I helped thousands of mainly women ( yet also many beautiful men) all over the world to start over and create a loving environment for themselves and their children. My clients can now live without fear, shame and guilt and focus on their creative potential and creating a life with freedom and peace.

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About Catrin Jacksties 2 Pointing

Catrin Jacksties

My special heart is for mothers who have also grown up in less than loving homes because we are the ones teaching the next generation about unconditional love, respect, boundaries, potential and so much more.

This is such an important job and I want to help you to release limiting beliefs and patterns , learn to relax and love yourself so you can be the mother to your kids you desire to be.

We are all playing a part in transforming these generational domestic violence patterns and together we can create that ‘Something else’ I was always looking for.

You want to know more?

Northern German with a tendency to just cut through the chase

Cats, horses and dolphins are some of my best teachers ( apart from my children)

A good book will keep me away from any social gathering

Sharing a meal with a friend or friends is food for my soul

I LOVE travelling and facilitating workshops on the way

The beach is my happy place and the forest or bush my place to ground

I would love to know more about you !

Catrin was fortunate to be interviewed by Jack Canfield. She shares a little about her upbringing in a domestic violence home, the pain of feeling like something is wrong with her and some major traumatic events that happened in her life. She believes that we all have challenges and stories in our lives but they are not who we are. We always can choose to learn from them and even turn our greatest fears into our strength.

Jack and Catrin discuss the 2point method, which at the heart of it, is a way to change the way you look at and experience  life. The 2point method uses quantum physics and heart-based intentions, and creates long lasting change at the quantum level that affect your subconscious level.

Catrin believes that life is a gift, and you are the key to achieving everything you want.  Learning how to trust your intuition, trust yourself, and trust the universe are key factors to living your best life.