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Clearing Fear and limiting Beliefs. Your steps towards greater joy, clarity and self-love.


The Two Point Method is a way to change the way you look at things. You can use it to change your life for the better by using quantum physics and heart-based intentions. The Two Point Method is based on the idea that everything is connected and that we can access information from the field of consciousness.

This means that everything is connected to everything else. So if we want to know something, we can find out easily by just communicating with what we want to know. We do this by connecting two points on our body or energy field. It's important that we don't attach any expectations to the outcome of our query, since the intention is what's really important in this process.

The Two-Point Method is an energetic healing modality and a way to connect with your body's blueprint. This connection is made through focusing on an intention that comes from the heart. All related changes happen at the quantum level and affect your subconscious level.


About 2 point with Catrin


The Two-Point Method can be used for every situation in life. This technique involves touching two points on your body or the energy field of your body. The first point is called the blockade energy and the second point is called the solution point. If you focus on the problem and send love from your heart, you can connect with the best solution point.

The Two-Point Method can be used on yourself, other people – adults and children; also on animals, plants and even objects. It is suitable for everyone. It is easy to learn and can be integrated into your daily life.

Our point of view, our prejudices, our judgments, our convictions and our beliefs create our reality. ( These have mostly been created when we were children). In the universe the intention is the cause of all creation. (intent = desire without attachment to outcome).

how does 2 point method work

The outside world reflects our personal vibration. Everything in the universe is interconnected, and this means that all information is present everywhere. During the process, we have a chance to let go of what we know so far and allow for unknown solutions to come through.

We are shifting our consciousness and stepping into an infinite potential. For this, we need to get out of our head field and move into heart field. We need to start by not judging anything. Not the client, not the issue. We just need to Notice whatever is. This shifts everything, transforming blockages and integrating all resources in that energy field.

2pointing is a journey to understanding yourself and becoming wiser. This journey began over 2000 years ago with Hawaiian Shamanic rituals. I have seen how this process has changed my life, so I am committed to teaching it to others who want to see change in their lives too. When you live your life in alignment with your purpose and mission, it will ripple outwards and affect every other area of your life (e.g., relationships, finances, health, job/business).

This is because everything is interconnected.


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