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Do we have the capacity to heal ourselves ?

Doctors have long known that our state of mind influences how we recover from illness and injury, yet Western science has only just begun to accept that energy — mental, emotional, and spiritual — is a key component to healing.

Do you feel higher emotions?

How your brain basically decides for you who is nice and who is not, until you understand how it works.

Treasures from my childhood trauma

So we have cleared a storage facility that I used for the time I was away. Besides everything being pretty dirty (the unit was not sealed and I leave the rest to your imagination) I am 'unpacking' memories.

The language of water

I was inspired by Masaro Emoto and his work on water. Water has memory and that in turn has real implications for us because we are between 70 and 90 % water. I hope you enjoy the little documentary and would love your thoughts on it. View the video here.