A wonderful world is emerging

It is already there and has been created by your dreams for a better world. There is light, equality, respect, honesty and joy. A community of humans who respect all living beings and mother earth.

Not 'when you are desperate'

We all have had to re-learn a lot these last 1.5 years. I believe a lot of it was and is for the better-meant of humanity and the earth.

The flood in Germany took it all away

I can still hear the 'roar' of the water. It was so incredibly loud and I could sense the immense power. It will be one of those events in my life that I am certainly not forgetting. And partly the reason why you did not hear from me for a while.

What your parents did not tell you

We are not talking about the bones in your closet :). We are talking about what you have been taking away with from your life at home. Patterns and habits.