Jack Canfield interview

Jack Canfield is America’s #1 Success Coach, co-founder of the billion-dollar The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand and author of New York Times Bestselling book, The Success Principles. Jack is a world-renowned transformational speaker and trainer who has conducted more than 2,500 workshops and events all over the world. He has devoted his life and career to helping others achieve their personal definition of success and create lives of greater joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

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to help women struggling

My mission...

To help women who have struggled in their childhood with fear, shame and guilt, break patterns and create a peaceful and loving environment for themselves and others around them.

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Does this sound like you?

Do you feel the presence of great potential inside you, but it just feels ... blocked?

Fear, doubt and insecurities are some of your best friends no matter what you do ? Would you like to change your blocks in health, relationships and money?

 Yet you tried already so many things and still feel there is something missing. Each time your dream comes up into your conscious mind your response is: I can't... Or you have a pattern of getting always to a certain point only to start all over again. Let me tell you this:

YOU are not alone and there is a solution. It is easy and You CAN change.

Learning to trust your Self and aligning with your true essence will change everything. 

You're tired of living your life in a way that doesn't reflect who you really are.

Imagine feeling like the person you were meant to be. You feel confident, strong, and secure in yourself. You have a sense of purpose and direction for your life. And most importantly, you feel happy with yourself and how you live your life every day!

I can help you get there by providing tools that will guide you on an inner journey to discover who YOU truly are at the core of your being. The more time we spend together, the better we'll understand each other's needs and desires so that our relationship is mutually fulfilling for both of us!

I am here to AWAKEN you to your true Self. 

Faster than the law of attraction!

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Change your Mind - Change your Life

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Treasures from my childhood trauma

2 May 2022

So we have cleared a storage facility that I used for the time I was away. Besides everything being pretty dirty (the unit was not sealed and I leave the rest to your imagination) I am 'unpacking' memories.

The language of water

10 March 2022

I was inspired by Masaro Emoto and his work on water. Water has memory and that in turn has real implications for us because we are between 70 and 90 % water. I hope you enjoy the little documentary and would love your thoughts on it. View the video here.

How to deal with insecurities and doubts that may stem from your childhood

21 February 2022

We all have days where we feel like the world's biggest failure. It feels as if nothing we do is good enough, and sometimes it seems like everyone else has achieved something significant while we are a complete mess with no redeeming qualities whatsoever!

A wonderful world is emerging

8 January 2022

It is already there and has been created by your dreams for a better world. There is light, equality, respect, honesty and joy. A community of humans who respect all living beings and mother earth.

Images by Joy Kachina and Oliver Weber