Do you believe there must be more to life than what you know?

You just had another emotional argument with your partner in front of your kids and thought ' this is not me' - ' this is not the life I imagined' - 'I thought I left all that behind'.

You wake up in the middle of the night, rattled by a noise. You can't move. Your body feels frozen. You are holding your breath. You can't make a noise.

You feel incredible, never before experienced pain when you see your Beloved with another and that pain turns into anger, rage even hatred. And now you are acting out on that anger and rage and it starts to control you and you hurt the ones you love the most and don't know how to stop it.

You think you were the reason for a tragedy and the guilt is walking with you for years , preventing you from allowing yourself to feel happy again.

You have moved as far away from 'home' as you can to free yourself from family patterns. Only to discover later that you have taken them with you.

You are now a single mother and you know it was the right decision but you continue to question yourself nevertheless and doubt any decision you make.

I could go on for more. If any of these statements somehow resonate with you then I want to tell you first: There is nothing wrong with you!

I have experienced and lived all the above and more. But I never stopped believing that 'There must be Something else' until I discovered the 2 point method.


Quantum 2 Point Method is a unique healing and transformation system based on laws of quantum physics, heart based intentions, tapping into the power of the field of consciousness.


  • change behavior, habits and rules that are unfavorable for you and others;
  • achieve life goals in a much easier way;
  • becoming aware of your limiting patterns;
  • heal yourself;
  • affect the improvement of your emotional state;
  • repair relationships with loved ones;
  • say goodbye to the past torments; shame, guilt and fear;
  • influence the state of finances through changes in the financial situation;
  • expand your view and experience of the world around you;
  • create a better future by aligning with it and to come with joy and pleasure.

You really are the master of your destiny, whether you are aware of it or not.

Creating a coherence between your heart and your brain is easier than you think and so rewarding.

If you want to know in practice the possibilities of the Two-Point Method, try individual sessions or join my online group program.

I am here to help you to live a better version of your-Self

Quantum Healing with the 2 point method 

The main assumption of the Two-Point Method (a Hawaiian shamanic practice) is to connect people with everything (matter and energy) that surrounds them. It emphasizes the role that your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, have in shaping the reality around you. 2point is an effective tool, in fact it is more a way of life that can be learned like yoga or meditation for deeply changing mental, physical and emotional patterns in ourselves and reflecting them in the surrounding environment. 
Faster than the law of attraction!
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Faster than the law of attraction!

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10 March 2022

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