A wonderful world is emerging

How are you doing?

Really..... how are you doing?

Why am I asking? I am feeling and sensing a real big shift within humanity. There is great chaos and disturbance everywhere in the world. A big sense of uncertainty, worry about the future coupled with a 'seeming' division between all sort of people.

We are bombarded with information these days and have been since a while. Everything 'seems' so accessible. Yet the more information we have access to the more confused we become.


Because we are drawn into the energy of the news, the posts, the videos, the blogs and our main focus is again to find comfort or solutions to all of this in the outside world.

When we read something that upsets us it has a long lasting effect on us. at least during that day we read it.
Remember : what we focus on expands. And that goes for the subconscious focus a lot more than the conscious one.

Here is what I 'see' and 'feel' within myself:

since the dawn of ages there has always been on 'this human physical ' level a tug of war between light and dark. That part is not new. Life is like the sea. Waves are rolling in to the shore no matter what. Sometimes they are soft and calm, sometimes stronger and currently it feels more like a storm with a tsunami. 

When you and I are going within ( and you can always start that by focused breathing in any situation) and learn and practice how to connect with our essence ( which is also our natural strength) we are able to OBSERVE what is going on in the outside world and stay calm . 

That is so important because we can then look at what lies within our personal control to change or what is outside of our reach. We can control how we respond and in what way. We can be a rock or a light for the loved ones around us who so desperately are looking for a silver lining at the moment.

On the metaphysical level ( and to those of you who prefer practical language simply behind what we see with our physical eyes) is a wonderful world emerging. It is already there and has been created by your dreams for a better world. There is light, equality, respect, honesty and joy. A community of humans who respect all living beings and mother earth. 

YES this is the truth. Do you want to know how I know?

Because this is how everything is created. By us. In our dreams hopes and thoughts.

The majority of us have forgotten that we are the creators. We have still created ! Because the process itself always happens. So when we worry about not having enough, not succeeding, being controlled, loosing our freedom , about the government and the list goes on : we are creating.

When you really 'get' that you will see around you that the feelings of worry and fear have taken over for a long time and out of fear and worry No great world can be created.

Do you know what I mean?

Yet it is already there because there are those that have been consciously creating that. Those who either are real optimists and dreamers and are naturally doing that and those who worked on themselves to step outside fear and worry, to overcome the triggers and who now have tools in their hands that help them each day to choose between light and dark within themselves, their thoughts and dreams. 

And YOU can do that too.

For me there is no greater joy than having peace of mind. 

I am not a slave to unnecessary fear or worry  anymore since some time now ( yes I still have to work on staying on my new path) and that life is so different.

Especially NOW with all that is going on in the outside world I encourage you to choose any tool of your choice to go within, to become a beacon for your loved ones and to support the manifestation of a better new world for all. In the metaphysical it already exists. More of us have to 'live' it so it will manifest on this level.

We can 'see' already examples of it. People caring more for mother earth and all living beings. 
New developments that foster community and equality are happening worldwide. 

We just need YOU too.

Would you like to work on letting fears and worries go and being able to create out of connection and inner clarity? 

Choose your tool. It does not matter which one.

If you would like to work with me I am starting a new course on December 16 this year. The energies are supporting the change. Click HERE for more info.

The time is NOW.

I KNOW all is well within and all answers and solutions are there. Go within. 

Love and Light and joyful smiles to you.


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