Are you ready to jump Ship?

I am not sure about you but I realized a few years ago that it was time for me to jump ship.

'What ship are you talking about?'

The ship that I thought was my life. Someone in my early years had set the course for this ship and equipped it with the necessary tools. At some point I decided that I wanted to change course but it was not possible. No matter how hard I tried or how many things I tried to change on the ship it would still stay on its course. 

Until one day....
that was when a temporary passenger on my ship gifted me a book before he left and the secret of changing the course was written in that book. Can you imagine how excited I felt? Today I am sharing my first part of my 8 week program with you. That program is a paid one but I feel that everyone should at least know one model that explains why our journeys often 'seem' un-changeable. So therefore I am gifting you part one. 

Click Here

And maybe after watching it you might be ready to jump ship too!

I send you Love and Light and joyful Smiles


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