Being Authentic

Do you get the feeling that your life is moving according to a specific rhythm? Does it feel like a never ending up and down or forwards and backwards or expanding and contraction?
Well if that is the case you are already very much in tune with life and all there is. Life is never just one singular linear kind of movement, even though our brain would very much like to make us believe that this is so. Life equals energy and everything is energy and energy is constantly moving, changing, shifting.
Women know the cycle of changes well because of our biological changes each month. However as with so many other things in life we do tend to 'know' but are not fully consciously aware of that all the time. I have started to focus on those cycles and rhythms of life according to the moon since the beginning of the year and am amazed how I could not have made the connection earlier. So many things in life make so much more sense now.
I have come to accept that as much as the moon is influencing the tides it does influence me ( we are after all 80%+ water) . 
'What does that mean in practical terms Catrin?' you may ask. For me it means that there is a period to expand and a period to go inward. There is a time when I am confident and certain and full of energy and there is a time when I am sad, uncertain, scared and timid. Once I really 'get it' I embrace all of those states of being or states of energy and accept that what is for what it is: a state of energy in a particular moment. It helps me to just be in that space for that time, as I know it will change again soon.I feel more authentic. It helps me to accept all states and I embrace All of who I am or be in that moment. When I feel sad it does not mean anything else but that's how I just feel. Attaching a story to it and judging that state is what creates the energy block. Energy flows when we allow All of it to just be and flow. In that moment we can just be still and experience it, without making a story, without judging, without having to know a 'reason' for why we feel this way. 
Nature always helps with that clarity. Tides just go in and out. That is a fact. We don't question it, we don't attach a story to it, we don't judge it. We accept it. 
How would we fell if we simply accept All Of Who we are? Just give it a go and let me know how you get on.

I have decided to change the start date of my new program according to the moon phase. Planting seeds is best done at the new moon so the program will start on the 15Th of august. More on that later. I have created a really beautiful journey:)

Everyone who has worked with me before is invited to my new closed facebook group. This page is helping us to stay on track, focus on a daily basis and support each other on this journey. Please come and join. the group is called : Conscious Journey in Life and Business.

For now I wish you to embrace All of who you are. 

Love and Light and Joyful Smiles

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