Courage and Confidence 2021

Two thirds of the first month in 2021 have already passed. What have you been up to? How are you embracing this new year? 
I have used the holiday season to contemplate on my journey on this plant so far. I am currently still in Germany and have participated in the 'Rauhnächte'. Quiet an extraordinary time for all who go deep and reflect on the personal journey as well as the world one. I went thru a few 'dark nights of the soul' in that process, knowing really well that this is a necessary process to shine light on areas that we prefer to hide away. 

It takes courage to go there.

We are so busy with our daily life tasks that we often overlook opportunities to transform past hurts, heal open wounds, create new ways of thinking and feeling and living. I remember winter when I was younger. The winter often offered that time to slow down, to be indoors earlier, to go to bed earlier, to play games and read and think. In our busy world today winter seems but a holiday destination where we go to have fun. Modern technologies, distractions that we can go to in winter and constant occupation with social media platforms or TV robb us of the slowing down in winter feeling. 
And Yet, WE can choose to go back to that slowing down in our own worlds. We choose. We might go against a mainstream and that requires confidence. 
So why would we?

I can only speak for myself. During the last 2 centuries I consciously chose to learn more about myself , my patterns, my past 'failings' ( that I now call learnings), my hurts, my joys, my projects, my relationships with the world. I have learned so much. It helped me to become more confident in not only my projects but more importantly in myself. Being confident means to me that I know I have always the right guidance. I have always a solution when I need one. I have always a path in front of me and the knowledge that I am able to overcome any obstacle. This is not about self help or success principles or any of that kind. My life still bears challenges, obstacles and sometimes pain. It also offers so much freedom, joy, real honesty in friendships and a more conscious appreciation of every moment I am here. 

It is so easy to get distracted, to just put the head down and do the tasks and live life by the rules of family, community etc. And I want to say too : There is NOTHING wrong with that in itself ! 
I have, since I was a very small child, always had this longing for more truth, not really knowing what it meant. I continue to learn and investigate, ask questions and search for more. It is in my blood. And I am also so very happy that I have chosen Courage and Confidence to be by my side to make my in many ways 'ordinary' life Extraordinary. 

At the beginning of the year I like to choose a word or a mantra or a motto as my guiding principal and learning. It will be no surprise to you that I have chosen:

Courage and Confidence for 2021.

Look out for more on those in the coming weeks.

Do you have a motto or word or mantra for the year? I would really love to hear about it.
I look forward to your reply.
In the meantime I send Love and Light and joyful smiles to you :)


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