Daily 2 pointing practice and integration


After getting out of bed I intend what I want my day to look like. For e.g. I would like to experience a joyful, relaxed day where what I need to achieve happens with ease and grace.

Mental level alpha

Everything is light and information

I am so happy and grateful that this is all being resolved

Then I ask: Are there any blockages to me living this day like that?

If there is a resonance I state: be transformed

Then I integrate any resources I (my body, my mind, my spirit) needs that day.

Remember to use the word: Integrate

At the end I connect with my future self from that evening just before I go to bed.

During the day I either choose to work on a topic and then apply the whole application (full Monty) that we practiced in the workshop.

Or, when someone is ‘pushing my buttons’ I simply state immediately: be transformed. All I want in that moment is release. At a later time I can then choose to work with that topic.

In the evening, before I go to bed I look back at the day and see if there were any unresolved blockages and would now transform them. Like above: mental level alpha…

After that I intend to have a good night sleep (whatever that means to you). For e.g. I want to sleep and wake up energized, or I want to sleep without or with dreams, or I want 6 hours deep uninterrupted sleep etcetc. I then ask: Are there any blockages to me experiencing that kind of sleep and if any come up I state: Be transformed.

Then I integrate resources I require or that would be helpful for this kind of sleep. (Remember to use the word Integrate)

Then I connect with my future aspect of the next morning just after I wake up.

And the next morning I start all over.

The key is to practice when we are feeling good so we create new neuropath ways and make a ‘habit’ out of 2 pointing. It is so easy! And yes I know, it is also so easy not to doJ

Love and Light and Joyful Smiles to you    Catrin


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