Do we have the capacity to heal ourselves ?

Quantum Consciousness Transformation and the 2 point method

Doctors have long known that our state of mind influences how we recover from illness and injury, yet Western science has only just begun to accept that energy — mental, emotional, and spiritual — is a key component to healing.

The best news of all is that the basics of energetic healing are easy to learn—and even a few simple skills can make a huge difference in our health, vitality, and quality of life.

Quantum Physics has merged with an ancient tradition into a most wonderful and profound way of transformation and healing.

The Two-Point Method is rooted in Hawaiian tradition called “Kahi – the magic touch.” The main characteristic of the method is the simultaneous connection of two points on the body or energy field of a human being (or anything else for that matter).

Serge Kahili King, author and shaman says about this method: “I think it is one of the most useful things I’ve ever learned and that I can teach.”

A few years ago , Dr. Frank Kinslow (Author of: “The Secret of Instant Healing”) and Dr. Richard Bartlett (Author of: “Matrix Energetics”) developed specific applications of the Two-Point Method and brought the Hawaiian application into the 21st century. That work resulted in further studies by Ulrich Kieslich, who called it Matrix Transformation. He integrated additional material to the above methods to develop effective applications, based on the findings of Dr. Richard Bandler, the developer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

In Quantum Healing the “Two-Point Method” unites with various applications of the pioneers of this work, and the philosophy of “A Course in Miracles”, to a holistic approach for a fulfilled and happy life.

What are Quantum Healing and Consciousness Transformation?

It is a practical application of quantum physics; where all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns – everything is light and information. From the perspective of quantum physics, all physical and emotional problems, limiting belief systems or blockages in personal development are only blockages in the energy field. These can be transformed easily and quickly through the impulse of the Two-Point Method. In ‘2 points – one smile’ the basics of quantum physics unite with the philosophy of “A Course in Miracles” and the potent Two-Point Method to facilitate rapid change and growth.

What is the Two-Point Method?

The Two-Point Method has been around for thousands of years. The Shamans of Hawaii have taught it forever and more recently two Doctors from the US have made it known to a wider public. Through the easy-to-learn Two- Point Method we can resolve physical, emotional, and general life issues quickly and easily.

It can be studied and applied without any previous knowledge in medicine, physics, or therapy. The Two-Point Method works through intention and awareness on the energy field of the receiving person in order to revert it to its original ideal state.

Without risk or side effects the inhibitory programs are transformed at the quantum level. After applying this process to change the energy field at the quantum level, the person’s external reality will also change. This can be both immediately and physically noticeable and/or the process will be set in motion to bring forth changes soon afterward.

What can I apply the Two-Point Method to?

Basically to everything:

• physical problems of all kinds

• emotional issues / trauma

• Substance abuse / dependence

• psychological blocks and limiting

belief systems

• pets

• Life issues such as: money,

relationships, career...

the list goes on forever.

The transformative effects of this method are limited only by your imagination. As it becomes integrated

into everyday life, it allows for a fundamental transformation of all energy blocks, leading to a life of joy and abundance.

By deliberately choosing to see things from a different perspective, the old reality collapses and new possibilities instantly open up, continuing to dissolve the old. As a therapist or a recipient, the Two-Point Method gives you a widening approach, because Quantum healing can be combined with different methods, being neutral in itself.

It will strengthen the results of your work and let you achieve your goals in your daily work easily and quickly.

Create a new reality for yourself through a comprehensive and immediate paradigm shift.



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