Do you feel higher emotions?

Do you feel higher emotions?

First i want to clarify what I mean by higher emotions.

Lower emotions are for e.g. aggression, frustration, anger, jealousy, fear, shame, guilt, hopelessness or feeling powerless.

Higher emotions are joy, gratitude, love, bliss, optimism, trust.

Why does it matter which ones we feel?

Well there is the obvious one that when we feel the higher emotions we feel better.

Yet there is more.

Associations with people, places, scent, touch, noise

Our brain created a lot of associations with thoughts and emotions over the time of our lives. When we experience something that does make us feel 'bad' ( there is in reality no good or bad i just use the word as it is easier to understand in this context), and the same scenario happens more often our brain is creating a pathway that will associate that thought, that experience with a particular emotion. 

Our brain can be 'deceived as in it cannot distinguish between something that is actually happening in this very moment or something that has happened in the past and we were just triggered by either a thought, a circumstance or something in our outside world that makes us remember. When the emotion then is strong enough our brain makes the same connections again. 

It also works the other way, meaning when we worry for e.g. we are simply thinking about something that happened in the past with a bad outcome and worry it might happen again in the future. That is all that worry really is.

When we are not aware and conscious of this we often repeat the same cycles of thoughts and emotions over and over , making the connections in our brain stronger and stronger , not realizing that most of the time there is NOTHING happening in that moment.

We just got triggered and the brain goes into : ahhh yes I know what that is and offers you the emotion it has associated with that thought.

A good question to get you out of that 're- acting' is : Is that really true?

Now the brain has to look closer instead of simply re-acting on autopilot.

What does this actually mean for you?

It means: when you notice ( first step of awareness) that you often experience lower emotions it is a good idea to look closer and see what kind of thoughts you were thinking ( repeating). Checking if this is a memory from the past that still holds energy ( meaning taking the energy away from you and your present moment).

If that is the case you can easily use the 2 point method to change that. You will actually disconnect that always recurring thought from that associated emotion and hence have 'space' to create a new pathway. 

I give you an example of my life:

My father was a heavy smoker. Most of you know that my upbringing wasn't filled with higher emotions ( domestic abuse) so in my brain there was an association ( which I only realized many many years later) between a man smoking that immediately evoked within me (trigger) hate and fear because those were the 2 lower emotions that I associated with my father.

I subconsciously judged each man I met who smoked and immediately had a dislike for them, before they even said a word. This is how that process works and has an impact on you for as long as you are not aware of it and start to change it.

But the brain works this way with higher emotions too. It does not judge. It just follows a set of steps.

Would it not be wonderful to create thoughts and circumstances that evoke ( have an association with ) a higher emotion like joy, gratitude or love?

And the best part is: YOU can do that. 

My next course is starting on June the 8th ( for most of you that will be the 7th).

Come and join me if you want to learn how to create more higher emotions and disconnect the lower ones.

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