Full Immersion in Nature

Full Immersion in Nature.

I am back from an 80 km walk over 4 days in the most spectacular scenery here in the South Island of New Zealand. How I would LOVE to have a 2 pointing retreat/journey/travel in New Zealand and include this walk.
I had so many thoughts, ideas and memories running thru my head as well as understanding again the importance of mind talk. My knees were giving in after 2 days and I was in agony at times. However I was as determined to look for beauty as I was to allow the beauty that surrounded me to distract me from my physical pain. When we are exhausted we can reach our deepest fears and our dark places and I experienced again that embracing them, acknowledging them , loving them is the way to move forward. 
My son represented all male figures of my life ( I realized that after a fight we had) and I was finally able to tell him how I feel. No blame, just: this is ho I feel. It was revealing and healing at the same time.
No internet connection meant people were communicating with each other, cooking side by side, playing cards, sharing stories and helping each other out. This energy of acceptance was everywhere. 
When we went thru a particular beautiful peace of forest I was reminded of stories that we tell our children or that we were told ( if we were lucky enough to have a parent or grandparent that shared stories).I often talk about how beliefs run our lives on autopilot and became so aware about the power of telling stories.
Overhearing one I only noticed the part where someone was injured and the child immediately assumed that now the ambulance was to arrive at the scene and the injured person was to go to a hospital and the doctor would heal them. Not a significant story in itself. However ; I thought: What if the storyteller would say ' and immediately the shaman was called and danced all the injuries away or immediately the inner 'healer' jumped out of the body, waved its wand of light and the person was healed. Over generations we would start to understand that we all have our unique own healing powers and automatically activate them. 
This goes for many more ideas and stories that surround beliefs that we just somehow picked up, possibly including listening to stories. 
I am so excited about this year and the potential for manifestation it holds. And I am so eager to share this with you.
My word of the year is Brilliance and my mantra is 'Something wonderful is going to happen to me today'. So far it is working amazing:) 
If you want long lasting change you have to start doing things differently and I can help you to find the best way for you to do that. I don't want to be just 'fine'. I want to thrive, expand, enjoy and share my enthusiasm for a new found love for life with you:) 
Sending you Love and Light and Joyful Smiles

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