Here is to Yes and Hello

I hope this email finds you well.

Much is going on in terms of energies and I am certain all of you are feeling it and doing so in very different ways.
I receive emails that hold the energy of desperation and at the same time those of the most beautiful transformations.
Yesterday I watched a movie with my daughter called 'Big Hero 6' and one line stood out for me. 'When you can't seem to see the solution ( they initially thought about that in science terms) then look from a different perspective or angle'.

How about instead of looking for a problem, or an obstacle or having an expectation of " I can't do this " we totally change our perspective and say : Hello and welcome! to whatever shows up. AND say YES to everything. I know this is not a new idea. It just popped up and therefore I feel I want to share it with you.
Initially it will require discipline from our part. However when we say YES and HELLO to whatever shows up, knowing that it is all energy, we will by welcoming it raise our own vibration. That raised vibration we always automatically send out as a frequency and the universe knows we want more of that FREQUENCY. Not, as we may think, more obstacles. It is the dominant feeling that we engage in that attracts more of the same frequency. So by saying 'Hello there' I am already a lot lighter than by saying " oh no you again...' . By saying Yes , and we have to do it with conviction, we are opening up the channel for receiving. Initially the 'received' goods may not look like what it is you want. Just remember that is only at the beginning. Yes means I am open, yes means I trust in myself and in the universe, yes means ready to take action, yes means positive vibes and so much more. 

And I sure want more of all of that! How about you?

Shall we give this a go? I am committed to playing this and say YES and HELLO to everything that comes my way this week. I would love for you to join in and let me know how you go. 
Here is YES and HELLO.

I send you Love and Light and Yes and hello with loving smiles

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