How To Manifest Be/Do/Have Stuff (i.e. Your Amazing Life!)

How To Manifest Be/Do/Have Stuff (i.e. Your Amazing Life!)

by Laura Raduenz

Your thoughts become things....

Your thoughts become things....

Everything that man has created in this world was first a thought in someone's head. We think before we do. It seems sometimes we think too much, too long, too little, too big, too small, too too! What are you creating with your thoughts? What would you LIKE to manifest with your thoughts? In your life, your business, your relationships, your health, your environment?

Often, we are so busy doing, we don't stop to see what we are thinking! So, let me show you a very simple step by step process to stop, get clear, gain control of your thoughts, and manifest them.

We often want to complicate things or cannot believe they can be simple or don't think we deserve to make them simple. But today, lets do simple. We are all attracted to simplifying our lives and manifesting what we desire...

So, let's start...

1. CLEAR VISUALIZATION. Stop. Pause. Take a deep breath. Relax those shoulders and neck. Look for your inner smile. Choose peace and calm for a moment. And think what you desire to manifest. Make it a very clear picture in your mind. The clearer the better. Look at the end result, the outcome. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Perhaps, create a little movie in your mind with it. It must be a positive, affirmative thought, not a negative, lacking thought. Let it make you smile.  

2. SET YOUR INTENTION. You've got your desire clear in your mind, in your thoughts. Now we decide to do it, to create it, to manifest it. Give yourself permission to have it, to deserve it. We are not going to TRY to do it, we are going to DECIDE to do it. We don't need to know how yet. We can be afraid. But, we want it, we desire it, and we decide to GO FOR IT! Whoooohooo. We say YES!

3. ELIMINATE. In order to manifest your desire and intention, you may need to make room for it by eliminating other things, stuff, clutter, drama. You can do this slowly or at any speed that feels right to you. Do you need to let go of people, organizations you belong to, meetings, clubs, appointments, tasks, activities that no longer serve you or what you intend to manifest. Sometimes these things are very clear. We KNOW what we need to let go of. Other times, they come on gradually as we move towards our intention. Give yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves you to make space for your desire, to make time for your desire, to make energy for your desire. We say NO to these things that no longer serve us.

4. FOCUS ON IT. What we focus on, expands....yes, what we focus on, expands.  Put your attention on your intention. Think about it daily, several times a day. Perhaps create a vision board to look at. Start a to do list about it and look at it each day. Begin to research it on the web, read a book about it, talk to someone about it, join a club about it. When you are stuck in traffic or the long line at the grocery store, daydream about it. We focus on it, give it energy, give it juice, get excited about it. Again, in a positive, affirmative way rather than a negative, lacking way.

5. MAKE DECISIONS ON IT. This is your intention with legs. We are scared to make decisions because we are scared of our own power and magic. We are scared of failure. But its okay to be scared! We exercise courage and do it anyway. We have to make decisions, but we can then alter course if they take us off course. Nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant. So decide. Just decide to decide. And know that you will change things, alter course, pause, speed up, and make corrections along the way. As you PRACTICE deciding, it all gets easier. Doesn't everything with practice? You will notice that the PRACTICE creates COURAGE.

6. TAKE ACTION, YOUR ACTION, YOUR INSPIRED ACTION. This is decision with legs. This is conscious, positive, creative action rather than busyness actions. These are deliberate, conscious. Again, PRACTICE taking action. It gets easier. These aren't based on fear, they are based on your intention, your desire, your inspired decisions. These are inspired actions. Steady. Regular. Habitual. Again you will notice that the PRACTICE of INSPIRED ACTION creates more COURAGE. Practice makes it all easier.

7. CREATE A FOUNDATION OF SUPPORT. Along the way of manifesting our desire and intention, we need support. We need support when we are afraid, to remind us we are not alone, as affirmation that we can do it, as accountability to practice staying in action, to teach us to make better decisions, to honor ourselves, and to remind ourselves that we deserve and are worthy of our desire! Choose to support yourself rather than go it alone. You can support yourself with a coach, a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a classmate, a group, a mastermind group, a network, a class. If one method doesn't work, switch to another. But, accept and look for support.

Then continue the cycle of clarity, visualizing, eliminating, focusing, deciding, acting, adjusting course. Your thoughts become things. PRACTICE putting your thoughts on the things you intend to manifest. As soon as you do, the Universe jumps in to support and assist you. But the magic is in YOU.

Your thoughts become things...

Try it and let me know how it goes....

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