I do everything 'right' so where is my 'stuff'?

a recent email from a customer has prompted me to write this email.
She wrote:
' I have been doing the 2 pointing now for some time ( 3 months) and I can feel the resonance and also the transformation. I have been asking now for all that time to have more money. I practice every day so where is it?'
There were other bits but I repeated the essence of it. 
There are two things that strike me here. First: 'asking for money' and 'I practice every day so where is it?'
This implies a belief that for e.g.' when I am a good girl/boy I get rewarded' and I hear the disappointment that this isn't the case. I also hear that the person was limiting herself in regards to resources. I discourage you from asking for specific things, like money or a new boyfriend, a new car etc. You are at that time thinking and believing that your 'problem' / energyblock can only be resolved if you get that particular resource. What might happen is that the resources show up in a different way but because you are so fixated on what you asked for you will not be able to see it and possibly miss a great opportunity. 
When I ask : are there any resources that would be helpful for me to transform this issue/topic/energyblock I am leaving the 'how that looks' to the field/universe/higher self. That part is free from ego, from a vested interest in the outcome, from my beliefs and therefore I leave myself open to anything that is possible. All I now need to do is be open and observe. What is different?
2 pointing is not a 'fixing' tool in the sense of: I am deaf on one ear and I need it fixed'. 2 pointing is a method, a way of living, a journey to discover the blocks that limit us in expressing fully who we are, to transforming those blocks in whatever way or form is most beneficial for us ( and that may not be what we at the time think that to be) and then to live from a place of clarity, balance, freedom. 
Does that sound like one application will do it? Well, if we would belief in our subconscious that this would require one application it would be possible. However if that were the case we would possibly not have the energyblocks that we are experiencing and why we were looking for a way to change that in the first place. 
Patience is a virtue and that is so true for the journey in 2 pointing as well. The answers, solutions, resources are ALWAYS there. Yet not necessarily in ways you expect or in places you go looking for.
The best you can do is to practice and become aware of: what is different? What has changed? And be wide open.
Love and Light and Joyful Smiles to you

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