Lesson for the Teacher

Well that was interesting....

After the webinar I felt kind of physically disconnected, yet grounded. Simply weird. I drove into town and parked my car. I had to back up a bit as I was blocking a garage. Very easy, nothing difficult. I opened my car door to see better how much space there was between me and the other car. then i pushed the gas and 'jumped' a bit backwards and now I pushed the break.... or so I thought. Crash. I remember that I could feel it happening and yet could not stop it ( like letting my foot of the gas) It almost felt like something/one was doing it for/with me. OH NO!!!! 
No one was hurt, all is cosmetic damage, but my body was shaking. There was a split second were I thought: what if I just left,no one saw me. I decided to do the 'right thing' , put my card on the windscreen of the other party and couldn't understand what just happened. 
I went back in my mind to our webinar and how I was talking to be simply present in the moment, not worry about the future , not fear the past haunting me. That was kind of exactly what was then going on. My mind went straight to: how shall I pay that now? Excess of insurance is 300  grrrr just hen I thought things get better.... hold on is that a pattern of mine? Can't i just believe that good things happen to e? And when they do I will NOT get punished for that good moment..... as you saw this morning I am not physically at the top of my game and i felt my heart really hurting. Another opportunity to release heart pain? A sudden move can change everything. 
And then I decided to take a few deep breaths, see it as what it is: I drove my car into another. and STOP the mindchatter and move on.
I send a text to Rosie and realized I needed a hug and though I could not get it physically she replied to the text in a loving way. Now I could relax. 
Interesting isn't it?
I got the phone cal just now from the person I bumped into. He was my tutor in graphic design a few years ago. Am I glad I did the 'right thing'.

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