Miracles Do Happen

Miracles do happen....

The Collins English Dictionary describes a miracle as:

mir·a·cle [mir-uh-kuh?l]


an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause.


Miracles have been set out over the ages as occurrences that are out of reach of the regular human being; something that is not possible in the physical world. It is my understanding, however, that this definition of a miracle is changing. The one constant in life is change. I see a new world emerging where human consciousness is evolving to navigate the spiralling tunnels of space and time to create a magical reality where miracles can happen on a daily basis. We are beginning to awaken to the power of our minds and our inner’ tuition and what was once deemed ‘supernatural’ is now becoming very natural to many of us who are awakening to these realities.


A while ago, I was crammed in between other equally stressed people on the London Underground, travelling to work as a single (and slightly lonely) young woman. I was thinking to myself, with my face nuzzled into some guy’s armpit, about how I would love to live in a house surrounded by lush, green mountains next to a river which I could dive into on a daily basis. I was also very keen to have the time to create my own healing practice – my true passion in life and what my heart really wanted to be doing. I could see this image clearly but as I exited the station I just tossed the dream to one side as I had no idea how to make it possible.


As I continued on my own personal awakening and healing journey, I began to become aware that my daily living experiences were all opportunities for me to learn and to master myself in one way or another. I began to understand and witness that whatever you are putting out there, you really do receive – although sometimes not how you may expect admittedly! I soon understood that in order to create change in my life, this had to come from within and I alone was responsible for my own reality. For our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and if it was change that I wanted, then I knew I was only going to achieve that by changing some aspects of myself.


Three years later, I find myself living in Golden Bay in New Zealand on the edge of the Kahurangi National Park with a turquoise swim spot in the Anatoki River next to our home which I share with my loving partner. I have a room dedicated as my healing studio and workshop space which has views of the mountains – covered in thick, green, native forest.


When I stop and look back at how this all happened – it appears that I moved mountains but really I see now that it occurred so effortlessly without me even having to plan or think about any of it. The path of my heart’s true desires was laid down that day on the London Underground. I wasn’t always fully aware of where the path was taking me and on occasions I had to really take that leap of faith and dive in the deep end but there was something in the core of my being where each step just felt right. I see now.... miracles do happen! 


I have learnt through my own experiences that when we begin to make shifts in our consciousness and begin to let go of those old, dusty, limiting belief patterns we really can move mountains.... effortlessly.  In this new world we can let go of our worries and fears and remember that we are pure love; that we are supported by the universe in all things; and that our needs truly are always met when we let go and surrender to the higher plan that is set out for us all.


There are many like myself now entering this new world like an excited child stepping into a giant sweet store.  All around the globe there are events of ‘miracles’ taking place. I wish you all much joy in creating your own miracles – they do happen!


Do you have a miracle that has taken place in your life that you would like to share? Whether as small as that new fridge you managed to manifest or a huge, life changing experience – we would love to hear about it! Please send One Smile an email ( editor@onesmile.co ), share your miracle on our facebook page or feed into the website blog. (www.onesmile.co)



The intention of Emily’s work is to help others to remember and reconnect with their true selves by supporting them in the process of moving from one place in their consciousness to the next, freer, easier level of being.


Emily uses a number of combined techniques in her one to one sessions, group healing sessions and workshops. These include working with crystal energies, channelling universal healing energies from different realms and dimensions and, most importantly, working with the guidance of the individual or group soul. This enables the opportunity for the light of the higher self to become integrated into our being, bringing more clarity, vision and direction on our life paths directed by our inner wisdom.


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