My Gift of Transformation for you

Dear inner circle,

this year is coming to an end and with it often a reflection of the past with all it's 'stories'. Isn't it funny how the 'stories' look so different in hindsight? How a 'disaster' turned out to be a great gift and vice versa? How things become smaller with distance and time? How perspectives and priorities change everything?

I have enjoyed working with a dedicated group of 16 for a whole year and we have had our final webinar for 2015. I decided to open that one to all of you as a gift as we transformed all remaining blockages that we hadn't dealt with in 2015 and beyond. We covered all timelines, space and dimensions, all ancestors, tribes and contracts and then integrated and played in the most beautiful field of the christ consciousness. 

This is my gift to you. Please feel free to share it as it is meant to shine for many.

Click here 

I will go very deep inside for the next few days and have a plan emerging about what I will be doing next year. I wish you all a most wonderful transition into what promises to be a beautiful New Year. May all your wishes come ture. May you be blessed with good health and prosperity and most of all may you be showered with Unconditional Love. 
There is nothing that equals that feeling/experience/gift that we are all able and free to give and receive.

I Love YOU all.


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