New Beginnings includes endings....

Dear 2pointing friends,

I have arrived ( at  least physically) in my new current harbor (Mayschoss) and must admit I landed on the floor running.
It is not yet a week I am here and it feels like  I never left. My dear friend send me a message yesterday asking how I settled in 
and she is so tuned in that she used the word "LANGSAM" which means "SLOW DOWN" which made me realize that I stepped into an old pattern of mine.

I  feel like I have to 'fix' things in the first 24 hours and as you know there are already two things in that sentence that I teach differently.
There is nothing to 'fix'! And the changes I would like to see have to evolve from within me . Why? Because whatever I 'notice' and re-act to has a frequency and vibration within me that is on that level reacting to it. The only way to change that is changing the frequency within me.

I can also be only of assistance to anything when I am staying in my center of strength.  So thank you dearest friend for reminding me with your message!

There is so  much happening here on the level of  the hotel itself, with all staff that are working here, with Germany itself and even in nature. Spring is about to start. New Beginnings. We had the solar eclipse and world women's  day yesterday. Again: New Beginnings. 
My arrival here : New Beginnings.
Yet New Beginnings also always means some endings and I  would like to make you aware of that consciously. The decision to start with new beginnings can be or is always a conscious choice. When I am noticing life with awareness and notice for e.g. that spring is coming, that spring brings new life that is represented in the form of nature expressing color and blossoms etc I am living with awareness. I  then also notice  that some things will end, And I realize the cycle of life and become at peace with it.
Often we are so attached to the current status quo (of a  relationship, a job situation, certain things) that we  are having a hard time letting go of that. The more I cling to a person or situation or thing the more challenging I experience when things are changing. 
Who is teaching us about the cycle of life and continues to remind us of nothing ever staying the same? 
Depending on which country you live in you may experience that more or less intense. For e.g. in my heart home New Zealand we  have something green all year round. The changes between seasons are more sutler. Hence could I get the impression ( and I think that is represented in the way we think and live and feel) that nothing much is ever changing. I believe that could be a contributing factor to why New Zealand is the perfect place to heal, relax and calm down.
Arriving here in Germany at the end of winter made me aware again of the extreme visual expression of change. I am in an area of forest and when I did walk outside yesterday looked around and saw trees without leaves everywhere. Grey is the current color scheme. 
When spring arrives my senses will be activated as the color is fresh green, the blossoms of flowers will fill the air with beautiful scents  and the warmer sun will gently touch my skin. A real difference that I cannot help but notice. Obviously more extreme than the changes of seasons I experienced  in New Zealand. I can't help  but draw conclusions from that in regards to human behavior in this country. 
Mood swings, expression of language ( can be very harsh and then almost poetic), political situations and the reaction to them ( feels like more  direct interaction and more activism), social status ( the need to 'have'). 
And although I notice that from my observer perspective now I am aware that when you live here for a while you may not be consciously aware of even those more extreme changes. 
I draw the conclusion that, like with almost everything else in life, it is up to me ( or everyone else for that matter) to make sure to stay conscious. To know and be aware that New Beginnings and Changes is a part of life and is happening all the time. And no matter how often, how regular, how consistent that happens it is important to stay aware of that process in every situation of life. Why? Because when I am I will have an easier time of letting go of things, people or stuff. I will also be appreciative of the tiniest things in my daily life that I am starting NOT to take for granted. 

That small flower, that I notice on my way to work, greets me and I smile back. The kind gesture of someone who opens a door for me or greets me with a  smile is reaching my heart. I make sure to say the words : I love you!, to my children, my partner, family or friends with awareness and meaning. I thank the food that is on my plate for nourishing my body and thank my body (!!!) for all the amazing functions it does for me every day. I look someone in the eyes when I speak to them and give them my full attention. I make sure I  stay in touch with my friends and tell them in my own way how much I appreciate  them ( yes this is for  you here!).

Every action, every thought, every feeling is ALWAYS starting with a choice. Let it be a conscious one instead of an automatic pilot one. 
That creates more awareness, more 'full-ness', more appreciation. And I think it makes endings in whatever form so much easier as I feel I have always lived life to the fullest of my potential ( that is what I mean with it - full awareness) which leaves very little room for any regrets. 

Thank you for reading this far! This took your time and your full attention and awareness. I appreciate that.

I am looking forward to the start of my next webinar series mid march as well as my workshop in Mayschoss on the 19/20 March. There is still room if you want to make a conscious quick decision. Simply email me for more information. 

Just imagine I look into your eyes now and tell you 'Love and Light and Joyful Smiles to YOU"


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