Not 'when you are desperate'

How has this year gone so far for you?

I am surprised that I somehow have lost a lot of sense of time this year. My mind has been occupied by so many different areas that I seem to have just zoomed to November.

Developing and improving my online presence and workshops
Preparing my move back to New Zealand ( which has been post-phoned already twice)
Dealing with a terminally ill friend ( at least that is what the language of doctors is telling him)
Holding the focus and energy on a sale of the hotel I worked in for a few years ( while all others lost faith that it will still happen)
Meeting some wonderful soul connections in the form of course participants, sports buddys, clients and furry friends
Learning so much more about myself, human interaction, trusting more and more that life is 'for' me
and so much more....

How have you been and how is your year going?

We all have had to re-learn a lot these last 1.5 years. I believe a lot of it was and is for the better-meant of humanity and the earth.
More people have become aware of how we treat the earth and also each other as humans. 
By being forced into a certain way we had and have to behave and deal with each other we realized how very important human connection really is to us as a species.
We need interaction. We need friends. We need hugs.
Basic things that we took for granted suddenly became very important again.

I guess we often felt like little children when our toy was taken away from us.

How did you re-act or respond? Did you learn from this time? Did you change your ways?
If so did you embrace change?

More and more I see the amazing value in my work and in being able to look at the bigger picture. To respond from a place of my strength, not re-act from a place of fear or anger. It makes such a big difference.

That does not mean that I am constantly in 'I don't care' mode. It means I have learned to allow all experiences, all emotions, all situations to happen without attachment. I care deeply yet in a way that offers me clarity and solutions.

Wouldn't you like to live this way too?

I just finished another 5 week course and am so amazed how quickly my participants have learned the method, had real experiences and joy in the process.

And what I really love about 2 pointing that everyone gains, including myself. Going deeper, becoming clearer and relaxed about stuff that would normally have upset me.

One of my learnings from the last 2 courses is that I appreciate my work and myself. I place a higher 'value' in many different forms in my work and have been sometimes astonished by my own abilities. As my field grows, so do I and my participants.

How do I know?

For the longest time I have had difficulties to state what I wanted to earn. We all know that most of us feel undervalued but I also know that it has to do with being upfront in a clear and confident manner to say: That is what I am asking for my work.... and feeling strong about.
I just come from a situation like that. 

What I did different this time you may ask. 
This time I was preparing my thoughts the day before. I was getting very clear about what I want and what my price tag would be.
When the discussion came along I knew what to say and I did not budge.

That felt soooooooo good. It is not about the monetary value alone. It is about knowing that my work is worth a lot, not playing small or going back to times 30 years ago.

I would love that and so many other things for you too.

Now. Not in the far distance. Not 'when I have the time'. Not 'when you are desperate'. 

Almost another year has passed. Time is flying. Are you happy with your progress, your dreams, your visions, your goals? 
If your answer is yes: congratulations! If not read this as an invitation.

Life is FOR you. Life wants to be lived. You are perfect as you are. Life wants you to experience and live that perfection.
Feeling connected with all else. Being a part of something truly magical.
And again.... not 'one day when...'.

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