Rewiring the Brain to Heal the Heart

It has been said the bond between a mother and her child is the strongest of all.

An intrinsic connection born from the creation of life itself, a mother’s love is among the purest known to humanity.

But with such uncompromising love comes a heavy burden, an enduring weight shaped by a responsibility to nurture and protect that which we hold so dear.

For Robyn Rusholme, it was the inextricable connection with her daughter Alexa which determined a journey of discovery that would change both their lives forever.

The transformation began around 20 years ago, when Alexa had a seizure as a baby.  Although febrile convulsions are frightening, they are not uncommon in babies, however Robyn had a deep inner sense of disharmony within her child.

 “Although the doctors told me there was nothing wrong, I just knew something was not right,” say Robyn.

Over the years Robyn watched Alexa grow, and as she got older that sense did not dissipate – in fact, it only became stronger.

A talented and intelligent child, Alexa excelled at many things and was popular amongst her peers, but parts of her developmental puzzle were missing.

“It was as if there was a glitch, like a wire which had been disconnected.  We could see she was sharp, but she couldn’t retain information.  As you can imagine this impacted on her learning, and became increasingly frustrating for Alexa.  Her brain was just not operating at capacity.”

Robyn left no stone unturned in her plight to help her daughter, but continued to find no answers.

 “It was difficult to explain, my intuition and Alexa’s subtle behavioural patterns were the only evidence I had, so because there was no concrete explanation, my concerns were largely unheard.”

Finally, Robyn decided to take matters into her own hands.  By this stage Alexa had grown to the young adolescent age of 12, and had two brothers, Caleb and Josh.

 “I had a challenging upbringing marred by a degree of violence and abuse, and although I had come a long way, when my marriage broke down in 2007 it was as if the old wounds reopened.

It was terrifying at the time, getting out of the situation meant I had to step into fear, but I just kept walking.  What I found was my arms and legs didn’t fall off, and as I continued moving forward I became stronger and stronger.  That was a profound lesson, because I realised the best way to combat fear is to embrace it.”

Walking into the unknown, Robyn began looking for practical healing practices that were supported by scientific research and fact.  Finally she found what she was looking for, a non-invasive complementary healthcare technique called Neurological Integration System (NIS).

Impressed by the growing number of medical professionals who were experiencing success with NIS around the globe, Robyn enrolled herself in a weekend course to learn the basics of the technique, which focuses on using the intelligence of the brain to help the body heal itself.

Having previously established a successful Occupational Safety and Health business with her ex-husband teaching first aid to organisations and individuals throughout the Nelson-Tasman region, Robyn was drawn to learning more about the field of NIS, or “Neurolinking” as it is widely known as, which works by reconnecting “broken pathways” in the brain.

What she experienced at the course was a minor miracle.

“I had an ongoing back injury suffered years prior as the result of a motorcycle accident.  I had given up on it, but when I went to the course they fixed it.  That was all the validation I needed, and it was then I knew I could do the same for others.”

And that is exactly what she did.  Not only was she able to “reconnect the wires” in Alexa’s brain, damaged all those years ago, she went on to become fully qualified as a NIS Masters practitioner.

She went onto further her educational scope, studying anatomy, physiology and pathology as her passion for helping others to experience the benefits of NIS evolved into a professional career.

Now regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading NIS practitioners, Robyn attracts people to her Nelson-based clinic, Optimal Neuro Health, from all around the world.

The fact over ninety-percent of Robyn’s business comes from word of mouth is testament to the excellence of her work.  Although initially launched as a home-based enterprise, a Waimea Road premises was opened last year to accommodate the growing demand.

The variety and number of ailments Robyn can assist with is alarming.  From sports injuries, to hormonal problems, emotional trauma, bacterial illness, and sleep disorders – the list is expansive.  It is also safe for everyone – from new born babies to the elderly and those who are very sick or incapacitated.

 “The brain is a computer, and the central hard-drive guiding and directing the body’s physical, mental, and emotional labyrinth.  I access this intelligence through muscle testing and proprietary integration method, to enable the brain to reconnect pathways which have come undone, in order to assist healing”, says Robyn.

Local client Vera is just one of hundreds who swear by the effectiveness of Robyn’s treatment.

“I was referred to Robyn by a friend after I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and she has continued to keep my body in balance, and operating as it should be,” says Vera.

“Recently I was diagnosed again, but Robyn could not find any cancerous cells in her tests – and in the end, she was right all along.  The doctors were completely baffled, as they were certain I had a

recurrence of the cancer, but I wasn’t surprised at all, because I have personally experienced the merits of Robyn’s work – and she is awesome.”

But a new profession and burgeoning business was only part of Robyn’s metamorphosis.

A believer in “enjoying the richness of life” Robyn spends a lot of her spare time riding her beloved motorcycle, and schedules in time to make sure it happens.

 “I’m blessed to be doing what I do.  I get so much joy from helping people to improve their health, but it’s just part of the bigger picture”, says Robyn.

“Humans are passionate beings, and we all need to find something that fuels and ignites our souls.  Riding my bike gives me a huge sense of freedom, it recharges my batteries, and I encourage everyone I know to do the same. Find something that makes your heart sing, and go for it.“

What began as a journey to help her daughter led to a complete transformation for Robyn.

Now a mother herself to a 20-month old boy, Rusty, Alexa speaks proudly of her mother.

“Mum has healed me three times in my life.  She fixed the problems I had from the seizure, again when I was really sick as a teenager, and also after I gave birth to Rusty”, says Alexa.

“But it’s more than her ability to heal.  Mum has shown me by the way she has lived her life that I can achieve anything I want to, and I’m so grateful for that.  She’s my inspiration.”

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