Robin Williams, Depression, Hometown and Love

There are some people that touch your life, even if you never ever even spoke a single word with them. For me Robin Williams was one of them. Why do so many people comment, write, discuss his sudden passing and his battle with depression? I personally feel he was so very humble and portrayed the human condition in its wide spectrum of duality so perfect that I got the impression I 'know' him and understand his feelings because he seemed to have understood my own. 

Last weekend I facilitated another of my workshops and we talked about depression at some point. I so clearly remember one participant pointing out that Depression is Not an emotion, but the -de-pressing of those. Emotion is, like everything else, energy and energy either flows or it is blocked. The most basic and simple principal of the 2 point method, that is a vital part of my workshops. The discussion and outpooring of grief about Robin William's passing shows besides how many people he has touched with his gift, how far and wide the illness is spread and how much misinformation has been circulated.

However what I realized even more is the fact that obviously many people in this world are feeling very lonely. Despite social media, more information, easier ways to travel and connect OR because of it? Instead of blaming others, or looking at the outside world for solutions, how about taking a deep breath and going inside our very own world. How do you feel? What makes your heart sing? Do you believe you have to have only happy thoughts and feelings to live a balanced life? Do you communicate in person with your neighbour? Do you actually know their names? There are so many other questions I could ask but let's leave it at that.

While I was travelling in different countries I was looking in particular at how people were communicating. I was surprised and delighted to notice in Portugal and Spain and Italy that people were talking, laughing, smiling and it felt like 'being together'. Less cellphones, tablets, laptops, earphones and more hugging, listening, laughing and talking. That was so beautiful.

What is different there? I don't have the perfect answer and leave this observation for you to think about. 

I am becoming more and more aware that the only moment that counts is the moment right now. It is not the intellectual understanding of that point, supported by basic quantum theory principals, but the raw experience that comes when you travel. I have learned that all I want to do is be present in whatever activity, situation, relationship, communication I am engaged in. Only then am I fully present and can hear even what isn't said, feel what isn't touched and speak without words. A pleasant side-effect is the absence of fear and worry that usually comes from either memories of the past or worries about the future. I know I am teaching this. But I am experiencing it on deeper levels and it becomes part of my way of live. 

Does this mean I am always having happy thoughts and feelings? Coming back to my original thought: that simply is not possible. Emotion/Energy just IS. It does not flow always on one level, it goes up and down and sideways and in curls and many different directions. That is what experiencing Duality on this planet earth is. I am not judging my emotions anymore. I accept them and feel them and acknowledge that they are All part of my life. The difference is that I am responding different and with more balance to situations that challenge me. 

That is what is enriching my life and I think also that of people around me. I would not have experienced/achieved/learned all this without people/you. Thank you for connecting with me, for being my friend, for giving me feedback, for being my teachers,  for making me aware that when we do something together and on the level of Light and Information/Love, then everything is possible. 

Let us do more of that : Together! Let us hear, see, think, feel more of each other. No one should ever feel alone. We are never alone. However some of us have the impression we are. Let us help each other to feel connected and part of something.

Love and Light and Joyful Smiles to all of you.



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