Something Wonderful

The Universe is sending you opportunities all the time – choices, options, ideas, inspiration, energy, thoughts, intuitions. Yet, they often seem to show up when you don't think you are ready for them. Are you taking advantage of these? Do you see them as opportunities? Do you see them as choices? Do you see them as messages from the universe to make a change in your life? A change in direction? A step up? A better way? A step towards something you desire? A sign to take action towards living a better life?

Ready for a radical, yet inspirational, way to look at these things?

Embrace a new belief that … I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

W. Clement Stone, a multimillionaire, is famous for being an inverse paranoid. What is an inverse paranoid? This is someone who believes that the universe is conspiring to do him good. Yes, good. An inverse paranoid sees every situation as being heaven sent either to confer some benefit, or teach some valuable lesson to help make him successful, or show him how to take action, or create an opportunity to make a change. This form of inverse paranoia can be the foundation of a positive mental attitude.

What if the universe was sending you wonderful opportunities to move closer to the things you desire? The things you dream about? The things you want to change in your life?

Start your day, every day, with the affirmation and thought that …. I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today!

Wow, how fun and playful is that? You might have thought this sounded ridiculous, but... what if you had fun expecting something wonderful to happen to you today? Are you smiling already?

Imagine that the universe is sending you signs, messages, inspiration, energy, empowerment every day. Look for them. Make it fun. Look at the little things. Look for the opportunities.

Where do you look for these things?

An idea, word, image that pops in to your head
a conversation
an article that interests you
a phrase that sticks with you from a conversation, book, or article
a chance meeting with someone
a phone call
an email
a show, movie, or TV program that resonates with you
road signs
serendipity of any kind

How do you recognize these things? They

give you a shot of energy
give you a great idea
make you feel good, joyful
make you smile
make you laugh
make you hopeful
give you inspiration
make you feel empowered
make you feel playful
make you think “what if I could....”
make you think of an item on your life bucket list
make you want to take action
show you the beauty in something
take your breath away
make you want to change something in your life
show you another choice, an additional choice, a better choice

Then, what to do with this opportunity? How to take advantage of it?

recognize it as an opportunity, a choice, a gift
reflect on it
trust it came from your intuition
take action on it in some way – make a note, make a list, do some research, make a decision, share it with someone, commit to something, make a small (or big) change

Welcome the opportunities. Welcome the choices. Look for them. And, if you take action one step at a time, you can move towards a life you love. A life that inspires you. Your intuition is never wrong.

Hmmm, I think something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you.

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