The Beauty of Raw Food

by Sarah Tarrylea

The ludicrous thought that I may starve myself had me roaring!

Friends and family’s hightened concerns as they saw me ascend into the lushness of living with raw food was the side-splitter. I'd been a fellow food junkie who supported other’s daily lives with bewitching treats oozing love, butter and syrups, but the seemingly overnight switch to deprivation in devouring rabbit food was too much for some to take on board.

Even declarations of “a bellyful of vitality, clarity and energy spiralling me into an ecstatic state of bliss” were not enough. My loving mother practically swooned as she saw her precious daughter shed her protective layers of weight, friends chattering on the sidelines, as they replaced the chronic fatigue label with a food disorder. A death sentence was predicted when a dehydrater was purchased at Christmas.

So, what could I do?

“I’m still a pig!”, I shouted joyeously and continued to feed them love with seductive raw chocolate, heavenly cakes, sweet treats, rapturous desserts and comforting meals that took us to nirvana. I delighted in friends popping by so that I could shove food in their hands and tell them they could eat more and not have to count calories. I was in rapture as I told them about the abundance of energy, and how raw living foods fed not only our bodies but kept us disease free, in a state of bliss and looked after our Mama Earth.

I feel fantastic and I’m over 40!

My children wake me nightly and start their day before the rooster cries. The girls keep me on my toes all day ’til late with euphoric cries for food and the toddler holds on tight. I juggle homeschooling with running a business and it creates such joy to be alive, such ease and just being.

I love my days here with a passion.

Our family’s dream to return to New Zealand realised, the home we dreamed off magically materialised. I rejoice in Mama Earth for all that she brings us in her abundance and daily we speak of our gratification in the captivating magic of her plant kingdom.

Our journey here has allowed us to tread on enchanted ground.

Our family’s joy ride through discovering raw foods in all their glory; fresh, seasonal, living organic fruits and vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds, seaweeds, wild foods, herbs, superfoods and fermented foods. All prepared without heating over 40C (104F).

It's been a challenging adventure deviating from the well-trodden path of cooked foods, but we delight in the enchanting rainbow of colours of our feast, luxuriate in the sweet succulence of the sapote and thrive with an abundance of energy on a nutrient dense diet.

In my dreams I have wonderwoman here whipping up tantalizing meals,  flinging raw treats to my children like seals. In reality, I buzz around inventing meals in under ten minutes and watch on the sidelines as the children snaffle the contents of the pantry. Again.

The ease of living foods creates joy in our kitchen. The cakes always gonna rise, the chocolate is a winner and a raw curry kicks the cooked versions right outa the door in comparison!

The beauty of raw food is about going with the flow. Adding a bit here and there into your everyday diet dangles a carrot making your body scream for more.

Chocoholic's mousse

Raw chocolate was my saviour in the early days. It kept me going when the going got tough! Now I know that it's not about extremes and that anyone can share the deliciousness of heavenly raw desserts. And for  breakfast if you're brave enough!

2 avocados

½ cup raw cacao powder

½ tsp vanilla essence

½ cup raw blue agave nectar/raw honey/coconut nectar


1/ Whizz the lot together in the food processor (or mash with a fork) until all the green lumps are chocolate!2/ Spread on top of cakes, devour with raspberries or spread on your favourite body and lick off, giggling in a rapturous chocolate frenzy.

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