The flood in Germany took it all away

I can still hear the 'roar' of the water. It was so incredibly loud and I could sense the immense power.

It will be one of those events in my life that I am certainly not forgetting. And partly the reason why you did not hear from me for a while.

You might want to get a cuppa as this is a 'longer' newsletter :)

Some of you may have seen on another social platform what happened on the night of the 14th- 15th of July 2021. 

The Ahrtal, the place I called home for the last few years, was pretty much destroyed by the biggest flood they have ever seen. 

Many souls transitioned during that event and many people lost everything : their homes, their jobs, their business, their belongings and some lost their family and friends.

I was working that night in a hotel. The new owners just opened the doors 5 days prior and didn't know the place very well. In fact they were not there that evening.

After the event my youngest daughter said immediately: mum you were meant to be there.

In a way I am very glad I was there and helped all guests and staff to stay safe. I was 'functioning' very well that night and the next day. Somehow I knew I am safe and everyone who is with me is safe too. 

The hotel was pretty much destroyed as was my apartment. All my material belongings, my documents, my 'stuff' was destroyed or swept away in the flood. 

My focus stayed 'on' : I am grateful that I am healthy and alive and that all guests and staff were safe. 

'Things' can be replaced. I know that and have experienced something like this at a very early age. That time I lost my brother, which was so much harder and more painful than loosing things.

I do admit though that after a few days, when everything started to sink in, I was sad about the losses and I knew how much and hard I worked to buy some of the beautiful clothes, my computer, my kitchen appliances etc. Yes it did hurt a little.

What followed was an unprecedented wave of helpers coming from all areas in Germany to help. For months ! 

I really was humbled by the generosity, love and compassion shown to me and everyone involved in this tragedy. 

It gave everyone the much needed hope, lifeline and physical support that was needed. Cleaning a house of that mud is incredibly hard and it went into every single place you can imagine.

I must say I was so grateful that I have learned thru my 2 pointing that for every 'problem' aka energy-block, there is a solution. 

And that I can allow any feeling to run thru me, without having to hold onto it or staying in the story of it.

So I sat down on the stairs outside my apartment and cried. Tears for the souls that left and their families and friends who were in pain. Tears for the things I was attached to. Tears for the older people and the children, the first because they had seen enough in their lives and the young ones because the destruction in that area looked like a war zone and they just did not understand. And some tears for the time that I spend there and had many memories of and that now was ending.

Gratitude to 'all is well' and to that part that allows me now to trust completely. 

A new beginning.

On some level: All is well.

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