We are all seeking

We are all seeking 

Dear friends and fellow seekers,

We have arrived at the long-anticipated crossroads. Before you and I are going any further I would like us to stop, take a long deep breath and clear our minds. I believe this to be  of the utmost importance and here is why.

You and I and many others have been seeking. Some of us have been seeking a different way of living, some have been seeking more abundance, some a greener way of doing business, some are seeking better relationships, some look for health, some are seeking wisdom and some are seeking peace of mind and a simpler way to deal with stressful situations.

All of us are seeking and all of us have been finding one way or another, some more successful than others.

I do believe we all have one thing in common. We are seeking. And we find ways to overcome the differences that we have in political views, in religious opinions, language barriers, gender etc etc.

We found some in music, in art, in energy practices, in smiles, in deeds of kindness that require no words. We are seeking light and you can take the word light and replace it with any word you like.

In our search for light we have encountered darkness. Not only in the outside world (as that is only a reflection of our inside thoughts and beliefs) but in ourselves. Unresolved emotions, traumatic events, unfulfilled desires, supressed emotions, denials and more.

The way we were searching often were aligning us at least initially with our way of thinking or doing things. However, that does not matter as any search for meaning has also increased our consciousness. And once we reached a certain point, we had to start all over again as the seeking will never stop. It is part of the human consciousness. It wants to expand.

So where am I going with this?

I have been observing myself during this energy change, that we call crisis.

I would like to remind myself and you of the basis of what I believe to be helpful (2 pointing):

Everything is energy.

My current belief system is creating my outside world results to prove to me that I am right (in what I believe to be the truth).

So, when I focus on: who created this virus? Was it an accident? Was it man made? If yes, why? ……

This will lead me to for e.g. posts on the social media that will feed my hunger for those kinds of questions.  If I read more and more of these posts I will at some point believe them to be true (so many different posts …. There must be something true).

When my focus is on: why am my rights being taken away from me? (lockdown scenarios) I will receive answers and posts around that.

I noticed within myself that because I had more time on my hand and I was more on the internet than previously that I started to worry about certain aspects of these scenarios.

Was that helpful in any way?

Not really.

However, I could and can totally understand how many people are worrying, or even worse, panicking and then I remembered so clearly what fear felt like and how I never could think clearly when being in a state of fear. And all we are looking for right now is solutions. Yet a mind in fear cannot see solutions.

I started with:

Everything is light and information…. and went for my 2-pointing tool to get a clear mind.

This morning my mind went to the following:

We all know that focused thought combined with emotion can shift mountains, meaning creates reality. And I thought: when I ask for solutions doing my 2 pointing, I leave the solution-finding part open or blank so that even something I can’t imagine now or think of can be popping into my reality as a solution. Are you still with me?

Then I thought: I wonder what many, many people, who are seeking for solutions, who were combining thoughts with energy ( meaning lots of people doing it together) , who were asking for a better way to live on this planet, who have been asking for a way to heal the earth, who have been asking loud, and in writing, and in protests for people who are in power to listen. And how long they have been asking and very little has happened in the response of even listening.

And then I look at the current world and this scenario with a virus called corona ( meaning crown) and I could not help myself but entertain the thought that this virus may actually be the answer to the seeking and calling, provided by the universe. The story about who or how etc is never the overriding story.

When I entertain that Idea I kind of feel a sense of calm.

Have we not wondered a lot why humanity was too slow in responding to the many problems that we have? Have we not wondered why we still see the need to fight wars or can’t agree on a universal income for all or why we have plenty of food for all on this planet yet have too many people passing over because they are hungry? I could go on and on.

And now this little virus comes along and manages something that we as humanity possibly would have never accomplished.

The need to rest. The need to be still. The time to breathe. The listening. The understanding that we are all worldwide in this TOGETHER. The realisation that money, or power, or status has no real value when it comes to life. If someone would have tried to achieve all this via demonstrations, passing bills, talking, making films etc I believe we would NOT have achieved any of this.

And again, I did observe my own feelings and thoughts during this time. Old and unresolved issues came up. Fear started lurking around the corner. Worry started to become a dominant state of 

energy. I also realised that a lot of those emotions, thoughts and feelings where not mine. Yet I could and can feel that of many others because we are all connected and these emotions, thoughts and feelings are part of my field too. Not my dominant ones yet a part of them.

I am so grateful that I have learned that all emotions, all thoughts, all feelings are valid. And all of them are passing through, passing being the dominant word here. None of that needs to become more focused, meaning which wolves do I feed? I can allow those thoughts and emotions and then choose to find a better one. And yes, that is a choice!

I am grateful that I know how to do that. That I know enough about myself now to understand what I need in those moments to make me feel better, to connect consciously with all there is and to understand that THAT is the way to create the reality that I want for all of us.

WE…. all of us, each and every one of us can choose to focus our thoughts and vibrations on a new way of being, or should I say a way that has the well being of every living being as its core value. ( and I am certain that is not ‘new’ but simply has not been a priority).

I don’ t claim to know exactly how that looks like. I have a pretty good idea of how it feels like and my work and that of all of us is to focus on that which makes us feel connected, valued, heard, loved, inspired, appreciated. If ever there was a time in current history to create ‘heaven on earth’ I think it is now. We are here. We can see how we as humans are being inspired to be the best versions of ourselves when in crises. We can choose to focus on those stories instead of getting consumed by ‘news’ that are not helpful at all.

I am not saying to ignore or whitewash scenarios. I am saying or asking how can I, little old me :), contribute to the vibration of connectedness, of joy, of bringing out the best in myself and others. How can I be of value?

Because let’s face it: only when we share and be of service to others ( and that includes all living things) do we feel true connection and lasting peace. On that note…. I am 2 pointing our connection right now:)


Love and Light and joyful smiles to you



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