We have done it! And I am proud of us.

I am sitting in Vancouver on our last day before heading home to our beloved New Zealand and am thinking: We did it and I am so proud of us! It is the first time I can use the word proud without feeling guilty using it. I am proud. Proud of my children and proud of myself for this accomplishment.

We went thru Europe, the USA and Canada. We met so many amazing people. We encountered obstacles that sometimes would bring us close to breaking point. We had moments of crazy laughter and joy about the beauty we encountered. We have come even closer as a family , after almost falling apart. We have learned so much about many countries but I feel more importantly have learned so much about ourselves. That to me is the biggest value for us all.

I am grateful, humbled and feel that all this needs to sink in when we return. I intend to share our story in more detail, in articles and in a book. I hope it will inspire you to realize that all is possible when you make a decision and follow your heart. This is not just a phrase.

Stay tuned. I am so looking forward to connecting wth the energy of Aotearoa again.

Love and Light and Joyful Smiles to YOU


Catrin, Ben, Leah and Sarah

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