What IF.....

What would you think if all you experience turns out just to be a dream?

Do you know the feeling, when you are waking up in the morning and you are just becoming aware of sounds and temperature and slowly wake up to this reality? Or the feeling of going to bed and slowly reducing your heart-rate, your brainwave frequency while sliding into a state we call sleep? I often wonder which one of those realities IS real? Or if at least both are equal. Since we know more about the universe and have come to terms that earth is not the centre of it and begin to understand the world of quantum physics and different dimensions ( realities) I sometimes choose to ‘go’ to one of these other dimensions or state of awareness.


What If....


When I go deep enough I – in that experience – am not aware in which reality I am. But what I have become aware of is that I have some influence on what place I can ‘go’ to and what experience I want to have. That initially gave me a lot of joy. And then I practiced more and realized that I can ‘bring back’ the feeling or the kind of thinking or state of awareness from that ‘place’ into what we call our reality here. One state of awareness that always gives me immense strength and calm is ‘peace of mind’.

Being in that ‘state’ I feel connected, protected, creative, innocent and trusting. In that ‘place’ all is well. There is no healing necessary as nothing is broken and  because I ‘see’ the perfection in all that is. It is not a different world, or dimension. All is interwoven and in its essence is NOTHING. With nothing I mean it has no form. It is a feeling or a state of awareness and from that we co-create our reality into form.

So when I ‘return’ from such an adventure and look with my physical eyes into what we call reality I wonder : Is what we see and experience here just a distortion of the ‘real world’ ?


Who would create this ?


Was that created from a place of perfection and if so why ? Is it like a mirror that broke into a thousand pieces and we are making an attempt in putting it back together in its perfection but we have lost some pieces ? All of a sudden a beautiful image looks ‘broken’, imperfect, distorted and needs ‘fixing’?

I have not found an answer yet. But I do know that we have to find an answer soon. One that explains the chaos, the most incomprehensible ways of destruction , the suffering and loss of what is good in THIS world ( reality). Many have understood how to bring the light into this reality and are working tirelessly to bring hope to those who need it.

If all of us could understand the principal of peace of mind in all realities and would travel or ‘go’ to these other dimensions to experience how life here on earth could be ( exciting, creative, equal, joyful, open, truthful, innocent)  and then bring it back and live from that state of awareness, maybe  we together would find an answer.

I am not simply talking about a world where all is happy smiles. I do believe Earth has a special purpose. But one with less destruction, corruption, greed, cruelty, judgement. Yes I am a dreamer…..( will you join me?)  And I am also a thinker with an inquisitive mind that keeps searching.

Love and Light to you. Are you dreaming or searching or both? Would love to hear from you


image by Alexander Andrews

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