What is a miracle?

What is a miracle ? Elcarim

What an interesting word. Can you hear the sound?


What does it mean? I have never heard this word before. What language might it be? It sounds familiar yet really different. And I am starting to wonder….
This is a way of looking at anything around me.
The word Elcarim is just Miracles said backwards.
To me this is a beautiful way of looking at what a miracle and wonder really are. Something that carries a little unknown. Something that makes me curious. Something that lifts my spirits. All of this can be found in our daily lives.

When I walk on the beach and look at the ocean with Elcarim I am seeing the ocean with more than my physical yes. I feel the sun dancing as little stars on the surface. I touch the softness of the water and scent the salt that nourishes my breath and body. I feel the tingling of my body when I enter the ocean and become one with it. This is so much more than going swimming to exercise or cool off. This is an experience of all the senses and a feeling of a ‘very first time’ and the magic that comes with it.  

How wonder-full is nature?


Going into the forest. Touching a tree and connecting with his or her energy. Listening to the trees waving in the wind. Walking on soft ground. Becoming still with the forest. 

I am in aw at what people have invented sometimes. Looking at a ‘construction’ that builds a bridge and it looks like it is standing on air. Thinking about the minds of the engineers that came up with this idea and wonder : where did this idea come from? 

I sit in a café enjoying a cup of single shot soy flat white with a heart on my foam and smile back at this heart. My thoughts wonder to a friend while drinking my coffee and looking onto the ocean. The phone rings and it is this friend. How wonder-full is that?

I am sitting here writing this ‘letter’  for and to you. I have beautiful dolphin inspired meditation-music in the background and the words flow out of me with tears. Tears of joy. Tears of connection. I can see and feel and be with you in my mind. That is a miracle to me.

I am standing in front of a beautiful piece of art and communicate with the artist thru my thoughts, my questions, my observations, my feelings. What did you ‘the artist’ really feel and think and communicate with this piece? My admiration for artists grows as my own ways of manifesting what I feel and think pale in comparison ( knowing that I do not compare myself with others as we are one) yet sometimes wish my hands could play the piano and mold a cup out of clay.
A miracle to me is not just something that with my current beliefs I can not comprehend to be possible, like a person walking on water. A miracle to me is life itself. Looking at my hands and realizing how amazing they are and what my hands can do and create. Feeling that even energy is running thru and out of my hands. And that I can play with that. That this can even heal.

ɘ|ɔɒɿim ɒ ꙅi Ꮈ|ɘꙅƚi ɘᎸi⅃ 

Elcarim is restoring my very own wonder and innocent way to look at that miracle – my life. 

What does it mean in your life?

I look forward to your reply.
In the meantime I send Love and Light and joyful smiles to you


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  • Elcarim
  • 28 Nov 2023
  • 5:35 pm

I love the explainaction 💕💕💕💕💕

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