From Fear to Freedom

​Introducing a pathway for joyful transformation. This ebook is about the 2pointing tool and how to apply it.




Introducing a pathway for joyful transformation.

This ebook is about the 2pointing tool and how to apply it. This work is based on 3 pillars: the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian shamans who have practiced this tool since thousands of years, basic principles of quantum physics and the understanding of our human minds. Everything in the universe is energy and energy either flows or is blocked. By reducing all aspects of life to this formula everything becomes more simple. The changes are initiated on our consciousness level and work their way through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. How this plays out is unknown and has infinite possibilities.Transform your limiting patterns ( emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) and live your full potential.

Ebook review by Dr. Ryan Chamberlin, Author of 'The Prepper Pages' series:

5 Stars - To the Point and Intriguing!

Our species might yet surprise us. We're grasping for real power. Authentic, timeless, unbounded and limitless power. The type that cannot be created, destroyed or taken away. As our inheritance and birthright, it's always been there. Not recognizing it has been the problem.

Catrin Jacksties is one of those pioneering souls seeking to awake humanity to its authentic potential and power. In her new book, 2 Points One Smile, she presents a system for clearing the energetic residue left behind from the trauma of modern living. None of us are immune to suffering, but all of us are capable of breaking free of it. In her book, she offers such method for your consideration. It's brief, and that's perfect, because it offers the reader the opportunity to get a feel for whether or not this type of work will resonate with them. For some it will, for others it might not - but for me it did! I'll be pursuing her videos and webinars further. And I strongly encourage everyone looking for lasting healing and change to dive in and see what her system is all about!

- Dr. Ryan Chamberlin, Author of The Prepper Pages series