Personal Coaching with Catrin

Welcome to the information page for sessions with Catrin. Catrin maintains an active private practice where she sees clients by Skype or Zoom. A private session with Catrin can open you to your intuitive gifts, transform long standing patterns in your life, align yourself with your blueprint, and enable you to access more of your innate potential. Thank you for your interest in a private session.   

Session Details: Fee:  $270.00 Euro (that is 3 sessions as I only offer a package). Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype. Sessions are 45 minutes. 

To schedule the sessions please contact Catrin via email 

If you would like to talk to me first I offer a free 15 min call so you can tell me your needs and we discuss if 2pointing is for you.

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*Please be advised that if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of when it is scheduled, or if you do not keep your appointment, the cancellation fee / no show fee is the session fee in full as this time was reserved for you. If you cancel prior to 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, please be advised that the service fee ($15) is non-refundable.

Begin your journey

There is nothing to 'fix'. You are perfect as you are.

 You might not be aligned with that 'perfection' and your true Self. 

The journey is to have an experience of your true Self and the goal is change, real change on a personal level. 

This program (journey - experience ) ultimately is about finding out the best version of your true Self. Because that is who you really are. And you know what’s the most beautiful thing about it. It's never too late.

Whatever age, mindset, environment etc. Whether the past has not been too kind, or the future is looking a bit bleak especially in these times. You can begin right now and the moment you begin is the perfect moment. Because YOU felt the 'calling' and YOU made the decision to change things, change your self, for the better.

That is a beauty in nature. How the least expected can occur out of nowhere.

I would love to be your guide to change and for you experiencing who your really are. Not because I just want to but rather, I see it as a my purpose.

See when I went through my journey ,I almost couldn’t wait to share it once I reached ‘’the promised land’’. It felt like a miracle or from victim to hero and I found the last piece of puzzle I was searching for. I don’t want to sound like I have reinvented the wheel, but I know my 2point method works.

The fact that you are reading this is proof.

It's okay if you are still hesitant, it's natural. We are after all talking about real change and it can be a bit scary. Sometimes we get so used to life's ills. We get comfortable in our state of mind so much so, when someone offers you a better way you are not sure. I invite you to listen to your 'gut' as we say. Is there a tingling ? Is it a pull? If it does feel 'good' then trust it. If it does not feel good or if you feel nothing than that is o.k. too. It may not be the right time yet. Whatever you decide is perfect and you cannot make a mistake. I do believe in a blueprint of life that we all have. When we reached a place on the map certain opportunities arise or doors open that were previously closed. And I have learned to trust that all happens in divine timing. So you are never too early or too late. Even knowing that and fully trusting that has given me so much peace of mind, inner balance and confidence.

If you would like to know more about myself and my personal journey and why I do what I do I invite you to Click here and quickly grab my E-book "There must be something else".

Or perhaps you don’t want to read and you want to meet me? Maybe you are serious and want to find out ‘’what this lady is all about’’? Okay... I'd love to meet you too

Book a free 15 min call HERE 


"I awoke at 4 am a few mornings back - not fully awake, a memory slipped into my consciousness. The feeling of shame followed. I thought: I am not having that feeling any longer. Two point it away. This took but a few seconds and I felt the negative association leave my body - so quick - Amazing! A technique that is totally private, even when you are working with someone else. You can 'two point' even in a public place and no one will notice. But you will know what has changed and soon others will notice the positive changes in you. Break the old habits. I would whole-heartedly recommend learning Catrin's Two pointing.

Kathleen Matheson based in Nelson, New Zealand