What your parents did not tell you

We are not talking about the bones in your closet :). We are talking about what you have been taking away with from your life at home. Patterns and habits.

What is a miracle?

What is a miracle ? Elcarim, my new favorite word. I tell you what I think about a miracle.

Money is evil ...

Money is evil - money brings out the worst in people – what is money? Everything we learn we learn first at home, whatever that ‘home’ may be. In my first years as a child I did not really think or care about money.

What IF.....

What would you think if all you experience turns out just to be a dream? Do you know the feeling, when you are waking up in the morning and you are just becoming aware of sounds and temperature and slowly wake up to this reality?

Do you want to be seen?

Do you want to be seen? Wanting to be seen yet being anxious and afraid about it at the same time. Past experiences are usually the cause. We can become aware of it and move beyond.

We are all seeking

We are all seeking. We have arrived at the long-anticipated crossroads. Before you and I are going any further I would like us to stop, take a long deep breath and clear our minds. I believe this to be of the utmost importance and here is why.

The story ends here

The story ends here..... or does it?